Learn How It Works

Our mission at High Property Services is to create a simple, educative and easy booking process that allows our customers to manage all of their properties routinely servicing needs online. Finally, as a home owner, you’ll have a company you can rely on for every aspect of your property.

At High Property Services, we wanted to provide as much added value to our customers by first creating a simple booking process, then educating our customers by describing the services we provide, as well as addressing the common problems that typically come with those services when neglected.

Our what can we do for you approach has taken British Columbia by storm, as we believe in providing as much added value to our customers as possible.

Here are more reasons for why you should book us:

If you’re looking to get landscaping done for your yard, we can come by and give you suggestions and different options.

If you have a garden that’s in need of design, we can come by and chime in on how to create a beautiful looking piece that’s fashionable to your liking.

Also, as a dedicated company to serving all your properties needs, we provide property maintenance at the most affordable prices.

We’re taking our expertise, knowledge and experience and passing it down to you so you can book us in confidence.

Here’s how to get started with us today:

Take a look at the services we offer and select the services you’re interested in. Then complete our booking form by filling out your information on the following page.

As a first time customer, you’re eligible to receive a free inspection for your entire home as well as a complimentary quote for the services you’ve selected. We’ll also give you suggestions on how else we can improve your home, if you’d like.

In addition, as one of our most inquired about issues, we’ve setup an automated scheduling system that will allow you to pick times and dates so that you’ll never have to worry about maintenance again. You can also set settings within our members area to receive notifications when you’re due for servicing.

As a High Property Services member you’ll also receive a point for every dollar you’ve spent with us throughout your lifetime as a client. Your points will allow you to receive discounts as well as participate in our monthly raffle where you have the chance to win our “Jackpot.” Here’s where we take $5 out of every order and put it in a pool for one of our lucky customers to win.

The randomly selected member will receive 50% of the pool added into their account and the remaining 50% will be donated to a local charity of your choice.

We have 3 select charities you can choose from:

  • Terry Fox Foundation

      • The Terry Fox Foundation is one of the largest non-governmental funders of cancer research in the country, funding many different types of cancers; current multi-year studies include lung, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, oral, liver, oncolytic viruses and many more.


  1. The Vancouver Foundation

      • The Vancouver Foundation helps donors establish endowment funds. A portion of the investment returns on those endowments is then used to provide continuing grants to charities in B.C. in a variety of areas, including arts and culture, the environment, social development and medical research. The foundation manages more than 1,100 separate endowment funds, which makes it the largest community foundation in Canada.

    1. BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

        • BC Children’s Hospital (BC Children’s) provides expert health care, including mental health care, for the most seriously ill or injured children from across British Columbia.


We have 5 qualifying membership levels:

Bronze – 500 points (as a Bronze Member you’ll receive an additional 5% off all of your costs as a lifetime customer, as well as additional benefits and features)

Silver – 1500 points (as a Silver Member you’ll receive an additional 10% off all of your costs as a lifetime customer, as well as additional benefits and features)

Gold – 3000 points (as a Gold Member you’ll receive an additional 15% off all of your costs as a lifetime customer, as well as additional benefits and features)

Platinum – 6000 points (as a Platinum Member you’ll receive an additional 20% off all of your costs as a lifetime customer, as well as additional benefits and features)

Diamond – 12,000 points (as a Diamond Member you’ll receive an additional 25% off all of your costs as a lifetime customer, as well as additional benefits and features)

Our mission isn’t just to improve the standard and quality of your life, since day one we’ve kept it a top priority to give back to our community in every way we can. We’re always looking to provide added value to our customers as well as give home owners a look at what it means to be living in the 21st century by providing an innovative online solution to property maintenance.

With High Property Services, you can automate your home, as well as manage all of your properties needs. Our 24/7 full-time customer support allows you to have a very comforting experience with us, as you’ll also get to know our specialists on a first-name basis so every time we come around, you’ll know that you have a team of familiar faces and trusted professionals to work on your home.

We strive to meet exceptional quality and unbelievable standards to you!

So join the thousands of home owners that are using High Property Services and help us on our mission to put “Beautiful” back into British Columbia!

Call us today to get a free quote on any of the services we offer; 1-888-972-0778 or send us an email at support@highpropertyservices.com.

You can also book us online, click here to browse from our list of services today!

– Ken Russell Belonio (Founder and President)