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About Us

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High Property Services

Never Have To Worry Again

High Property Services has created the kind of customer experience for homeowners that we expect from every other aspect of our 21st century life - simplicity and automation. Our team of specialists, 24/7 customer service and online platform allows you to sit back, relax and manage all of your routinely servicing needs without ever having to pick up the phone!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We've introduced a new way of doing things, combined with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed terms of service - you can't go wrong!

A Beautiful Home At The Push Of A Button

Never Sweat Your House Again

Our one of a kind interface, combined with our dedicated team of professionals means you'll never have to do anything that will make you break a sweat and still have the most beautiful home in your neighbourhood!

We're Always Here For You

Whether you want to tell us how we're doing or just want to say thanks, we're always available via phone or email. Just say the word.

Get Booked In Seconds

Getting booked is simple. Select the services you need, enter your booking information, then select the time and date you want us to come by. You won't ever have to worry about your home looking great again! We'll take it from there!

What Our Clients Say

"The issues I had with my home was resolved much, much more quickly and efficiently than I could've ever anticipated."

Keita Diya, Vancouver

"I’m incredibly grateful for all the patience and expertise devoted to my house."

Mark Cook, Burnaby

"Whenever I needed information or just wanted some reassurance during my case, I was able to get answers. You guys are doing great, keep up the good work!"

Scarlett Smith, West Vancouver

What Makes Us Different

Our one a kind system allows home owners to book us online within seconds. You'll be able to order the services you need, schedule your preferred time and date and know the cost without ever having to pick up the phone!

So What Do We Really Do?